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The Best Cruise Holidays in Thailand

Posted by Ayer Chengtrakun on

The Best Cruise Holidays in Thailand

Travel Inspiration from River to Ocean

Binding villages, jungles, and islands together, water has long been a central part of Thai culture.From hot Thai-noodle dishes served right from a long tail boat, to floating markets and water villas on stilts- Thailand simply does water holidays better. So let us excite the travel bug in you by introducing some of our favourite cruise-inspired holidays below.

Why are cruise and water holidays so popular right now?

You might be asking yourself why a cruise or water-inspired holiday is such a good idea. The answer is two-folded, but still quite simple: slow tourism and location.

Slow tourism, sometimes called slow travel, is centered around the idea of conscious and deliberate travel to connect to the local people, environment, and culture in a genuine way. Though there are many kinds of slow travel, Thailand is particularly perfect for slow travel by water.

Being grounded in ancient traditions and a simple, preserved way of life, small communities, and villages in Thailand depend deeply on the river and other water bodies that surround them. Exploring Thailand by river or ocean is a unique way of intimately discovering this unique Asian Country. As your boat gently drifts through the water, you will see families fishing along the riverbank, or even standing hip depth in the water, retrieving some river delicacy for dinner that night. As you greet other boats along the way, you might observe an orange or red-clad monk mindfully drift by on a long tail boat, or a local sleeping peacefully on the porch of their stilted river-house.

Because rivers are still a primary form of transportation, many fresh food markets are built close to Thai rivers, so vendors can unload their fruit, food, and flower produce straight from the river. This allows many cruises to stop at some of the favourite markets, allowing you to feed your curiosity as you see the locals bargain, sell, and buy right next to the river. It is such a delight to walk through such a market and fill a basket with some fresh fruit, local snacks, and cool bags of coconut water. Instead of rushing to eat these goodies on land, take it back on board and enjoy a boat picnic as you continue your peaceful river journey.

Another reason cruise holidays are so memorable is the tropical location. Thailand is woven together by rivers, surrounded by azure oceans, and pierced through with toppling waterfalls. But besides the obvious perfect topography, it is a country that mesmerizes because of its mythical history and beautiful architecture, which flows over into elaborately crafted boats, and lavish interiors. Few things make Thai history as tangible, as drifting along the river on a traditional, teak-carved vessel, a simple but elegant rice barge, or even a slender long boat.

What types of experiences should you know about?

Certain water-inspired holidays stand out above the rest, due to their unique locations and the exclusive experiences they provide. We have singled out a few below, starting with the Ancient City of Ayutthaya.

A cruise between ancient ruins: The Chao Phraya River

Cruising down the streams and rivers of the ancient capital is magic in its own right. Like the veil of the past has been lifted and you have stepped right back into an age in which temples, royal houses,and religious abodes surround you like carved mountains of splendor. This city, adorned with exquisite ruins and elaborate temples, has gardens that stretch out into parks. The mystical merge of modern and ancient will hold your imagination captive. Sunset tours are especially beautiful, as the ruins next to the riverbank bathe in a golden glow.

Overnight tours from Bangkok to Ayutthaya are highly recommended and will include a food tour of the city as well. There is no other city that combines food and culture as well as Ayutthaya, being the birthplace of famous boat noodles, and has some of the best dessert restaurants in Thailand. A tuk-tuk tour of this city by a local foodie is a must! Noodles, royal Thai desserts, and delicious seafood surrounded by a skyline of ancient temples is the perfect break to stretch your legs, before enjoying a night on the river. If this trip is not on your wish list yet, we highly recommend that you add it right now.

A cruise through tropical jungles: The River Kwai

This highly rated experience takes you on a 4-day cruise down or up the famous river Kwai. The chosen vessel of choice for this extended water trip is a spacious river cruiser. This river-live-aboard allows regular land excursions at some famous local sights, but its charm lies in the slow,scenic cruise you take, while relaxing, dining, and sleeping upon this regal vessel. Imagine enjoying a cup of tea on the beautiful deck watching the jungle pass by, hearing the call of tropical birds, or watching the locals fish.

The River Kwai offers many different styles of cruise trips, as well as other location-inspired activities such as a visit to the precious-stone market on the river-side, or a walk over the infamous Death Railway. Two of our favourite local excursions include paying homage to a Buddha hidden in a cave, or a relaxed hike to a powder-blue waterfall within the local national park. Another holiday you might want to look into is the golf and cruise holiday. Whichever trip you choose, we assure you that the river is the most scenic and leisurely way to explore this corner of Thailand -slowly and mindfully.

Island hopping by private yacht: Sailing from island to island

Why share your precious holiday time with strangers, when you could be island hopping in the privacy of your personal yacht? This exclusive and luxury experience promises the best way to explore the natural beauty of the Andaman Sea and its surrounding islands. What should put this trip on your bucket list, is the intimate and serene touring experience it provides.

Available for private bookings, this cruise is centered around curating a sailing holiday with ultimate luxury in mind. Steering clear of rowdy crowds and speed boats, you will explore the famous and lesser-known islands by private yacht- so much more personal. Time melts into the background as you lounge on the deck of your yacht, enjoying bubbly served by a private butler, or free-dive between the pink, blue and purple coral of the ocean floor. This trip provides the chance to explore powdery white beaches, without having to rush back to your local resort. Instead, you can truly immerse yourself in nature as you explore both island and the ocean at leisure.

Specialised Short Cruises: Highly specialised experiences

We absolutely love shorter cruise trips that focus on a smaller area, a specific community, or a historical ritual. These trips are very personal and vary from place to place.

In Bangkok, a long tail boat trip takes you to greet the day, as the sun touches the mystical Temple of Dawn. Viewing this moment by boat promises uninterrupted views of this magnificent monument and allows you to wallow in the beauty of Bangkok. As you enjoy this moment of splendor, you will notice local boats floating fruits, flowers, and goods to a local market. This is a morning cruise you will never forget.

Close to certain islands, you have the opportunity to fish with the locals. Drifting between stilted houses standing above the sea makes you realise how much the sea forms part of this culture, and as you cook your fresh-caught crab or fish in the company of a local, you enjoy a new way of dining from sea to table.

Another lesser-known short excursion is the splendor of drifting between the Mae Hong Son morning mist on a small Chinese-style barge, adorned with red floating lanterns. Like a story from an ancient fairy tale, you drift over the local mist-covered lake, as tea plantations rise around you.this experience is greatly influenced by the early Chinese settlers of this tiny village, making this cruise a true one-of-a-kind experience.

Luxury river resorts and floating villas

The Maldives is not the only location that has embraced water hotels and floating accommodation. Whether you are looking for extreme luxury or a rustic, natural option, there are many to choose from.

We have chosen the following examples based on certain unique elements that they provide very well, such as remote locations for peace and quiet, and stunning Thai-inspired interiors.

"Floatcation" on the River Kwai:

Staying a true favourite of ours, Kanchanaburi offers a few interesting floating accommodation options. It offers one of the most luxurious river villas in Asia, which boasts a resort of connected pods, each sleekly designed to meet hotel industry standards while floating in the middle of the countryside on a quiet river. Each pod is designed to provide indoor privacy, without interrupting the river view. Lie on your private deck and sunbathe while reading a book, or float around in the cool river water. This resort encourages slow holidays of peace and tranquility.

Island-style floating pods:

Ranong Province boasts gorgeous thatch-roof suites on a tropical lagoon. From your room, you can step right into the blue water as you open your villa door, leaving very little between you and nature. The location reflects much of the scenic beauty found in the Maldives. Engulfed in quiet surroundings, the green palm trees and white beaches invite you to enjoy the gorgeous tropical weather. If you want an island-style water villa, this should be one of your chosen options.

A water villa with a twist:

Another truly remarkable option is found just 3.5 hours from Bangkok. This floating resort offers tranquility with a side of water fun! Besides peaceful floating suites, you can enjoy their on-water playground for a bit of water fun with your loved ones or your spouse. A bit of splish-splash never hurt anyone! Another unique feature this resort has to offer is its sunset-villa cruise. What is that you may ask? At sunset, all the villas are gently pulled down the river by a tugboat, for a sunset cruise like no other. Imagine a cruise from the comfort of your bed! This is at the top of our travellist- is it on yours too?

Why this cruise holiday is perfect for you.

There are so many reasons for you to book a water-inspired Thai holiday and we are sure you do not need convincing but let us highlight some more reasons to book your trip now.

Did you say “all-inclusive”-We did!

We are sure we did. The appeal of most water-inspired trips is how remote these experiences can be. For this reason, most of these experiences are all-inclusive and truly go above and beyond when it comes to providing all you need.

When Bespoke Infinite Travel arranges designs and plans your curated trip, we ensure that your needs and requirements will be met and all details will be discussed before the booking commences.

Thailand Cruise Trips are perfect for Everyone; Especially For a Honeymoon Trip!

These holidays are perfect for everyone, because water cruises, villas, and sailing trips provide something for every individual, whether a solo traveler or a large family on vacation together.

However, we do believe that this trip would be perfect for honeymooners or form part of a unique elopement package. Anniversary trips also come to mind, because of the intimate and romantic elements that water brings to any type of trip.

As the romance of Thailand pulls you in, we know that moments cruising down rivers, or sailing between tropical islands will bind you together with perfect memories, and leave you as the envy of everyone back home.

Questions or Queries we can help with:

We realise that you are quite inspired and maybe you want to book this trip right away. We want to help you plan your perfect trip, holiday, honeymoon, or elopement because we know our knowledge and expertise will make your trip truly remarkable. We hope you feel comfortable sharing your questions, travel aspirations, and photos with us.

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