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A Private-Sailing Trip Around The Most Beautiful Islands in Asia

Posted by Ayer Chengtrakun on

A Private-Sailing Trip Around The Most Beautiful Islands in Asia

A private tour of Thailand's gorgeous islands does not get more exclusive, intimate, or luxurious than this overnight sailing experience. Imagine being able to explore the azure waters of Phuket or Pattaya at your leisure, diving into pristine waters, drinking bubbly on the deck as you watch the  sunset over the horizon. If an exclusive luxury sailing trip is what you desire, then this package is  perfect for you.

Often the joy of exploring the specific locations we have chosen for this experience can be restricted by loads of tourists, crammed speedboats, and overbooked island activities that spend more time rushing from spot to spot, than swimming, snorkeling or relaxing on a beach. The locations are simply perfect, but the experience often lacks intimacy and serenity.

We want to counter that rush caused by commercial travel, by curating this overnight yachting experience. We want to provide you with space, private quarters filled with luxury, and time to take in all the beauty that surrounds you; moving at your chosen pace- placing you at the center of the quiet, natural beauty of Southern Thailand. The Andaman Sea is your playground- let us help you explore it in an unspoiled way, surrounded by luxury and serenity. 

Sailing through The Heart of Tropical Islands: 

Phuket and Pattaya are two of the most beautiful locations on the planet. When sailing through the  waters of these beautiful locations, you will quite literally be surrounded by staggering cliffs protruding from lush, overgrown islets crested by soft-sandy bays.   

Phuket needs no introduction. Its closest islands, Koh Phi Phi, Bamboo Island, Koh Khai Nok, and the breathtaking Phang Nga Bay will be calling you to dive into their clear waters and explore their coral-lined floors through snorkeling. When sailing through the waters of the Andaman Sea, you will experience serenity and calm as limestone cliffs jut out from the blue waters, letting you glide  through a maze of the most exclusive islands on earth-while drinking bubble from the deck of your private yacht. 

Pattaya, known by the rich and famous for its luxury resorts, is the perfect location for either a relaxing cruise or a cruise filled with water activities that will get your heart pumping. When setting  up your trip, do include the famous Monkey Island. We also highly recommend Koh Khram Yai for snorkeling or free-diving. It is part of the local marine protection zone, so water conditions are superb, with high visibility for the underwater enthusiast. 

Whichever location you choose, you can be sure your experience will be intimate and exclusive and your Bespoke Intimate Travel representative will help you pick the best island routes and yachts. For your personal needs. Here is what you can expect: 

Day 1 : All Aboard! Sailing Out on The Andaman Sea

You will be picked up by a licensed guide to begin your scenic journey to your destination of choice. Because the south of Thailand is visually stunning, your trip to either Pattaya or Phuket will  include some sightseeing. 

Once you arrive at your destination, you will be escorted to your chosen private yacht. Because of the exclusivity of this experience, you can expect lavish interiors and comfortable lounging options for yourself and your partner, or yourself and your party.

Perfect for an elegant soirée' or a vibrant party experience, the stunning furnishings and decor will make you feel like a celebrity. A personal butler will be at your service and you can be sure your  dining will be of the highest quality, as our chefs can cater to any diet specifications or cuisine  preferences.   

If you need to treat your sun-touched skin with some love or simply feel like some spa pampering, The onboard spa room provides relaxing treatments- a perfect addition to your exclusive sailing trip. 

As the sunset takes you into twilight, feel free to enjoy some sun-downers on the deck, and get  ready for an evening beneath the starry sky- dancing or swimming or both. Once you have enjoyed a lavish dinner, you can relax onboard or retire early as the soft rocking motion of the Andaman lulls you off to sleep. 

sailing in the ocean

Day 2 : Sunrise and Breakfast

Gently wake-up to the sound of water splashing against the side of the yacht. It is time to take it slow and enjoy the moment. Coffee in bed? We’ve got you covered! Enjoy the luxury of your private suite, or have your morning cup of caffeine on the deck, enjoying the serenity of this private experience. We can do mornings your way.  

When you are ready for breakfast, you can fill up on tropical fruit and enjoy the delightful breakfast spread laid out for you. Your last few hours will be spent cruising the ocean, taking in the sights from your private viewpoint, or taking a last-minute dip into the crystal waters before departing from the yacht around noon. 

ocean view

For the remainder of the day, we would like to surprise you with some sightseeing- and we will carefully select the perfect places to suit your taste and time. Both seaside towns have many delightful experiences to offer, from dessert cafes which specialize in Thai delights, to local art spaces and beach activities that range from serene to adrenaline pumping. We will make sure your last few hours are spent experiencing the delights the town is known for, leaving you with only the best memories a holiday can provide.

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