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How Thailand Can Be the Best Destination To Travel in 2022

Posted by Ayer Chengtrakun on

How Thailand Can Be the Best Destination To Travel in 2022

2020 and 2021 have been anything but easy. The many changes and uncertainties COVID has been causing, has left us exhausted, pent-up, and ready for this period of stress to be over.At Bespoke Infinite, we hear you and understand your need for release, adventure, and rest. So let us meet your holiday wishes and make sure this summer is a high-note, getting you ready for a post-quarantine holliday. Here are two very different but unique new summer holiday ideas to inspire your trip to Thailand. 

The Fun-Filled City Holiday: 

Thailand's cities are filled to the brim with things to do and places to see. Being a country that reaches into the past while still embracing modern times makes the following cities the perfect summer holiday destinations. 

What to do in Bangkok for this summer: 

Experience the historical wonders of the Grand Palace uniquely by riding on a Sam-lor. What is a Sam-lor, you ask? It is a type of tricycle that allows visitors of the Grand Palace to move around the grounds with ease. This quirky way of viewing the Palace provides comfort and fun- ensuring you do not miss a thing. 

Bangkok is also a great place to learn about Thai culture, and one thing that is very much loved in Thailand is Tiger Balm. Discover the secrets of this herbal ointment and why it is such a staple cosmetic item in Thai households while purchasing fresh, aromatic products for yourself and your jealous friends back home. 

Another breathtaking site to see while in Bangkok is viewing Wat Arun from the Chao Phraya River. Aptly named, “Temple of the Dawn", taking in its splendor while in a traditional longtail boat, will make this experience a great addition to your summer holiday. 

After this river excursion, have a traditional Thai breakfast of warm fried dough sticks and sweet milk or other sweet dips. Called Patongko, these piping hot doughnut-like eats can be found next to most road stalls and enjoyed while exploring the city on foot. Buy some condense- milk-sweetened Thai coffee to wash it down with, and you are ready for the rest of your day. 

What to do in Ayuthaya for the summer holiday: 

Ayuthaya is another favorite city for historical experiences. It is well-known for its magnificent palace and temple ruins, making it a picturesque city to be in for the festive season. 

Each ruin has plagues that clearly explain each site's history, allowing you a peek into the previous life of splendor. Famous places to look out for are the reclining Buddha at Wat Phra Ram and the detailed murals at Wat Suwandararam. But, perhaps the most unique relic is the Buddha's head and face found in the base of a tree at Wat Mahathat. The tree's roots surround and enfold the head, making the location of this relic quite striking and mysterious. 

Ayutthaya has so many hidden Buddhas and historical wonders that a riverboat tour would be the best way to glide from site to site. When arranging a personalized tour plan, Bespoke Infinite can tailor your itinerary to your specifications and include restaurant and cafe stops before or after your river excursion. While visiting this ancient city, a bowl of delicious boat noodles with beef and pork balls cannot be missed. 

Why not add an Instagram-worthy activity to your holiday list! First, immerse yourself in Thai culture by dressing up in gorgeous traditional Thai clothes for an ancient-temple photoshoot. Then, after adorning yourself in exquisite robes or "chut Thai," take selfies or even hire a professional photographer to take once-in-a-lifetime photos of you surrounded by fallen ruins and moss-covered walls. 

The sunsets in Ayutthaya are exquisite during the summer and adds to the historical wonder of this ancient city. 

The Sunny Island Holiday: 

If you fancy spending the summer holiday in pristine waters instead of a busy city, then let us arrange the perfect island holiday. December and January are cooler months in Thailand, which means near-perfect beach weather. Therefore, islands close to the Andaman Sea will provide the most picturesque holidays during this period. 

What to do on Railay Beach for the summer holiday:

Known for its pristine limestone cliffs and hidden beach,Railay beach is a favorite for adventurists and beach bums alike. Thrill-seekers travel far to climb this island's gorgeous cliffs. Jutting out from the blue waters, these cliffs not only provide an adrenaline rush while climbing, but they will also give you a view unlike any other. So, at the end of a year filled with less travel and restrictions, why not set yourself free and embrace a new skill by taking a rock-climbing course while in Railay. Your summer holiday bucket-list will thank you. 

If climbing is not your cup of tea, buy a cold drink and head to the west beach to see the most glorious sunset. Lounging on these white sands could be the perfect way to start your summer holiday.

Railay also has a tiny, beach bar, consistently well rated due to its hidden location and seating with a view. You can swing above the water with an ice-cold coconut in your hand. At the same time, the gorgeous Andaman-sea and small surrounding Islands will form the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures. 

Another reason that Railay is the perfect choice for summer would be its close proximity to other islands in the Andaman Sea. Bespoke Infinite can create a grand tour of the surrounding islands, put together just for you. This allows you to take your time and enjoy the beauty of the islands you choose to visit without feeling rushed. Some suggested islands would be Koh Poda, Koh Hong, and Koh Kai, and of course, Koh Phi Phi and the recently opened Maya Bay. Then, after a long trip of sightseeing, return to Railay for peace and quiet and endless sunsets. 

What to do on Koh Lanta Yai for the summer holiday: 

One of the most beautiful islands globally, Koh Lanta Yai is quite unlike any other. Less touristy than most Thai islands, Kok Lanta Yai is less crowded. It used to be popular amongst backpackers, although now it boasts quite a few luxury resorts. The waters surrounding this island are pretty unbelievable, making it the perfect spot for snorkeling or even diving. 

Koh Lanta Yai is home to Muslim fishing villages, adding a beautiful religious twist to the general island feel. Thailand is known because it respects all religions and can learn about them. Experiencing cultures deriving from these influences is genuinely unique. So be open to hearing their beautiful chants as you enjoy the white, pristine beaches of Koh Lanta Yai. 

Koh Lanta comprises many smaller islands. Therefore, a holiday should include trips to Koh Lanta Noi and other nearby islands. Let Bespoke Infinite arrange for a memorable lunch experience on your excursion, so you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding isles without compromising great food. Being so close to the ocean and its bountiful wonders, a sea-inspired picnic on a nearby beach would be the perfect lunch or dinner for your perfect holiday. 

What to do in Phuket for this summer: 

If you want to kick off this summer in supreme luxury, then Phuket should be your chosen destination. Phuket is known for its stunning beaches, restaurants, and excellent resorts and hotels. It lets you experience island life without sacrificing convenience. 

We highly recommend spending some downtime at one of the jaw-dropping resorts this island has to offer. You can divide your time between the beach activities and simply lounging in the most exquisite rooms. Whether you want a suite high-up between the trees, or a private garden and pool close to the beach- Bespoke Infinite can help you design the perfect experience for your summer holiday evenings. 

Phuket is also home to an ethical elephant sanctuary, allowing you to spend the day with these giants without causing them any harm. You will learn about the history of elephants in Thailand and better understand the relationship between elephants and their trainers, or "Mahout’s," as they are also called. Their breakfast and lunch buffet is also well-rated. The experience is quite exclusive as they only allow small people at a time. Being in the presence of these creatures can be a life-changing experience and an excellent start to a summer full of adventures. 

Are you ready to spend your summer holiday in Thailand? 

Bespoke infinite indeed aims to make every experience a personal as possible, and your itinerary will be curated specifically for your needs. We want to craft every moment of your trip according to your desires. So we make sure your New Year's holiday is as busy, relaxed, or culturally inspired as you want it to be. 

Send us an email with your holiday wishes, and we will assist you start holidaying on the right foot- in Thailand! 

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