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Thailand, a Safe Travel Destination During COVID-19

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Where is it safe to travel to?

This will be the burning question on eager tourists' lips as more and more countries lower their travel restrictions. But, if travel is the cure to pandemic fatigue, then which destinations can provide the most stress-free environment ?

With the introduction of the Phuket Sandbox Project in July, Thailand has welcomed guests to a unique quarantine destination. Let's explore why this project has put Thailand on the map when it comes to being a safe travel destination during COVID 19 and why Bespoke Infinite recommends this destination to cautious travelers.

Phuket is a trusted travel destination because of the success of the Sandbox Project.

Phuket gained valuable experience because of the Sandbox project.
Because of the Sandbox project, Phuket has gained valuable experience in ensuring the safety of guests. Without limiting the island experience, this project has safely welcomed and hosted guests within the safety standards of a quarantine hotel.

After the initial screening and COVID test at the Phuket airport, guests are safely escorted to their accommodation. The following day, the guests can explore the island freely, as long as the COVID test results are negative. Therefore, only one more test will be required around the 6th day.

A swab test is quick and convenient to do, with swab centers set up all around the island. Guest also use an Alert App to help track their island journey. They can relax knowing their health and safety is the top priority of all the businesses approved by the Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT). These hotels, restaurants, and tour agencies have received SHA and SHA Plus certification.

SHA Plus businesses follow strict hygiene measures.

Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration, or SHA, has enforced strict safety measures within the Thai Travel industry during the COVID pandemic. SHA Plus hotels, villas, and restaurants have been implementing the highest level of care and hygiene, ensuring a safe yet travelfriendly experience. All of these organizations keep to strict hygiene measures through hourly cleaning schedules. In addition, the staff is knowledgeable and eager to help where possible.

To qualify for the SHA certification, each business needs to have 70% of its staff fully vaccinated. By October 2021, 87 % of locals completed their second round of vaccinations. This means less exposure when visiting the island, creating a low-risk holiday destination.

Phuket limited its exposure to COVID-19.

We know that prevention is always better than cure, and it has never rung more true than now. That is why Phuket limited its exposure to COVID-19 by restricting flights to and from the island since July 2021. Only direct flights from WHO-approved countries have been allowed, with a minimum amount of guests per flight.
Guests were only approved to fly with specific airlines, had to show a recent, negative COVID 19 test, and be fully vaccinated.
It is no surprise that Phuket has been able to keep its COVID numbers relatively low while still providing a wonderful holiday experience at the same time.

Bespoke Infinite offers unique and safe island experiences while on Phuket.

What does safe travel mean to Bespoke Infinite?

No person or business can guarantee total safety. However, Bespoke Infinite can reduce potential risks for safe and healthy traveling by following strict hygiene procedures and carefully selecting high-quality vendors, drivers, and guides.
A safe holiday experience is a happy holiday experience. That is why choosing a personally curated holiday itinerary leaves less up to chance. Once Bespoke has consulted with a client, they can carefully plan every step of the journey. Clients can expect the vendors they meet to be fully vaccinated and to follow mask-wearing and sanitary protocols at all times.


Social distancing, the new "intimate" experience.

Open-air experiences are some of the safest ways of social distancing, and Phuket can provide an abundance of such activities and spaces. Bespoke Infinite truly believes in unique experiences and excels at delivering an enticing agenda while keeping guests safe. Of course, simply lounging on the beach is a pleasure in itself. However, Phuket has much more to offer.

Intimate picnics on secluded beaches, luxury sunset yachting while a personal butler brings champagne, or even just a traditional, but private dining experience is what Bespoke Infinite does best. The priority is to provide travelers with unique outdoor and indoor experiences while keeping them as safe and happy as possible. So naturally, social distancing is high on the priority list while
ensuring intimate, enticing experiences.

Some of the most memorable holidays take place in the comfort of a unique hotel room. Tucked away in the comfort of a private suite can be the perfect way to spend a relaxing day.


Safety can also mean luxury.

Travelers in need of some peace and quiet can take social distancing a step further by spending the day in a breathtaking villa- lounging in a private pool or bath while peeking at spectacular views over a glass of champagne. Bespoke Infinite has a special knack when it comes to placing guests in the most suitable accommodation.

Phuket has a wide range of SHA-approved accommodations to choose from. It is known as a luxury holiday destination because of its gorgeous beaches and beautiful villas and hotels. Therefore a travelers choice of accommodation is only limited by their imagination.

Accommodation options include luxury-brand hotels and intimate boutiques villas. Homestays provide an opportunity to experience the local culture without being exposed to many other guests.

Whatever the sleeping needs, Phuket has much to offer without compromising safety and security. Guests will find Instagram-worthy bedrooms with views that overlook the sea and private beaches. Over-flowing infinity pools and plush lounge beds compete with the white sands of secluded beaches and tall palm trees. Hotel dining experiences have also become more personal and secure.

Some guests prefer breakfast in bed, other guests prefer breakfast in the pool. Whatever the sleeping or dining dream, Bespoke Infinite can help guests pick the best places by recommending accommodation options that keep to all the safety and hygiene regulations set out by TAT.


Low-risk island explorations.

One of the best experiences of an island holiday is being able to move around freely and safely.

Freedom has become incredibly precious and should be enjoyed with no stress or worries about contamination or injury.  

Bespoke Infinite handpicks the businesses they work with to provide the most stress-free choice for moving around the island or going out on the water. Locals are always privy to the best locations for romantic excursions away from the crowds. White beaches on forgotten islands, hidden coves for sunset bathing- all these experiences are dreamt of by travelers, but very few have access to these spots. Bespoke Infinite has built good relationships with locals from all over this incredible country to provide guests with safe and exclusive outings. Even the journey to the destination should be a unique and secure experience for any guest.

Bespoke Infinite, being a travel expert, makes high safety and hygiene standards a priority. Because they want every experience to be unique and safe, each handpicked business partner is chosen for their expertise, service, and safety standards. In addition, liaising between local vendors and guests means that all arrangements take place seamlessly. As a result, guests will be able to travel safely and freely, truly utilizing their holiday in the most risk-free manner.

 The best way to ensure your holiday is safe and relaxing.

COVID has shifted travelers' perspective from extreme and impulsive travels to focusing on stress-free and well-planned journeys. In addition, the pandemic itself is ever-changing and unpredictable, causing travel rules and restrictions to change constantly.

As this focus changes, so does the way people travel. Limiting contact with strangers, choosing more intimate, less crowded activities, and keeping track of the needed paperwork can be more work than a holiday is worth. However, traveling should always be safe, and stress-free and the newest travel trends show that booking your trip through a trusted travel company can ensure your trip is safe and relaxing.

Bespoke Infinite helps guests book a holiday that will be as stress-free and safe as possible. Being up to date with the latest travel requirements and booking arrangements means that they take care of any last-minute changes, leaving you to dream about your perfect holiday.

The whole procedure is aimed at being personal and unique. Once future guests have discussed their travel needs with a Bespoke Infinite consultant, they will plan, curate, and arrange a holiday itinerary according to these specifications. By taking charge of the planning, they leave guests free to daydream about their holiday.

For example, If guests need a second COVID test, Bespoke Infinite will make the test arrangements and remind guests in advance. They will also organize the travel arrangements ahead of time.

Bespoke Infinite aims to create unique, intimate traveling experiences for couples or small groups of guests. Moving away from group travel can carve out safe but curated experiences for travelers who crave a more personal experience. Providing this while maintaining the high safety standards of the "new normal" is high on Bespoke Infinite's priority list.

Choosing a company that takes the planning and researching out of the travelers' hands will make sure they really enjoy their holiday without unnecessary risk or stress.

Excited future travelers can reach Bespoke Infinite by email or even take a peek at their fantastic Website.

Travel will be in reach soon, so why not take the first step right now.

Email: enquiry@bespokeinfinitetravel.com  
Website: https://bespokeinfinitetravel.com

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