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A Road-Trip Through Northern Thailand

Posted by Ayer Chengtrakun on

A Road-Trip Through Northern Thailand

This curated road-trip brings the details of Northern Thailand into focus without the distraction of tour groups and a time-driven itinerary. Traveling now becomes relaxing and intimate. Allow this road-trip to encourage the art of slowing down and delve into the lesser-known parts of the Thai-north.

This package provides you with all the control- from the selection of the vehicle to your driving speed, you are in control and able to explore this mountains region in your unique way. Bespoke Infinite Travel will provide you with all the details, a Global Positioning System (GPS) and map with the carefully selected destinations. These will be suggestions from the experts but remember that this trip is whatever you desire it to be. Take it easy and enjoy being present.

Ready to get the keys to the north? Here we go!

Day 1: "Stop and Smell the Roses"- Mac Davis

You will be taken to your chosen vehicle by a Bespoke Infinite representative. Feel free to ask any last-minute questions and get ready for the first leg of your journey.

Once ready, take off in the direction of Hang Dong. This scenic drive will introduce you to this region’s temperate climate with green trees that line the roads and lead your way. Take it easy and feel free to stop and stretch your legs along the way- nothing is rushing you!

As you enjoy the scenic drive, sometimes known as the Samoeng Loop, you will enjoy your first stop at the Royal Rose Garden. Enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful crafted garden, and have a delicious bite to eat. Once you have your fill of food and flora, hop back on the road and drive to the Mae Sa Waterfall.

This 10-level waterfall is known as a “not to be missed” spot, providing relief for tired travellers and cyclist alike. Here are also bathrooms available- ideal for a pit stop or a an even lengthier break.

Your next stop will be Baan Pang Hai a traditional village found 850 meters above sea level. The cool mountain air will increase your appetite, so be prepared to enjoy delicious Thai food- BBQ, salad, pasta, fresh fruits and Thai desserts. Take your pick and feast! Then relax back and enjoy the various cultural presentations presented by the Hmong hill tribe, a minority group of people, in some ways similar to the Miao or Meo group. Hmong people take great pride in their dress and colourful traditional costumes, making this presentation unique to their culture and history.

Now you will be ready for a good nights rest, and what could be better than the fresh mountain air that lulls you to sleep.

Day 2: "Not All Those Who Wander are Lost"- J.R.R Tolkien

Sleep in or wake up early to enjoy sunrise coffee - this trip is all about what you feel like in the spur of the moment. Enjoy breakfast at your leisure. Once you are ready to say goodbye to your new friends, start your journey through Chiang Dao. Small villages are found along this breathtaking route, and Bespoke will suggest some stops according to your particular taste and needs, such as the shrine-filled Chiang Dao Cave.

Your next stop will be Thaton. Indulge in lunch at the lovely Maekok River Village Resort, well-known for its delicious food and river-side location.

Once your peaceful lunch has been enjoyed, continue up the hill to the Chinese Village named Doi Mae Salong. This village, nestled between coffee, tea and fruit plantations is becoming famous for its mouth-watering Chinese dishes, influenced by the settlers' history. This area has many villages scattered through-out. We encourage you to stop and explore whenever the urge rises.

Last but not least, enjoy your trip to Chiang Rai, where you will find rest at your chosen lodge or resort.

Day 3: "The Journey not the Arrival Matters"- T.S Eliot

Day three might be the perfect day to relax and explore the wonderful Chiang Rai. However, if the driving itch has not been completely scratched then take to the road and drive to the former capital of the first Thai Kingdom, Chiang Saen.

Known as the oldest city in Thailand, this small village is steeped in history, perfect for a day of exploring. Chiang Saen is located on the Mekong River which runs the border between Laos and Thailand. Not to be missed is a visit to Wat Phrathat Chom Kitti, Wat Chedi Luang and some informative museums nearby it.

Once back on the road, drive to the Golden Triangle, so called because it is the spot where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos convene. We suggest that you enjoy lunch at the Golden Triangle Resort before driving to the most northern point of Thailand, Mae Sai. Though there are many things to do in Mae Sai, we highly suggest you visit the local market and either enjoy some snacks on the go or collect some tasty morsels for the road trip back to Chiang Rai.

Spend another night in the lovely Chiang Rai city and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of Chiang Rai night life.

Day 4 "Oh The Places You’ll Go"- Dr. Seuss

After a lovely nights rest, start your trip to Lampang, stopping at Phayao lake for a rest. Because it is situated between the beautiful mountains of the north, this location offers a splendid visit to Wat Sri Khom Kham. Enjoy your lunch at one of the many delightful restaurants found at or around this location. While dining, be sure to read up about the many legends that have sprung forth from this unique location- it truly brings the history to life.

Once you are ready to hit the road, continue to Lampang, stopping at the Elephant Training Camp at Ban Pang La and Tham Pha Thai National Park, with its mountains and woodlands reaching up to the heavens.

If time permits, you will be able to embrace nature by taking a hike along the many forest routes or visiting some local caves and waterfalls. This national park is truly a place to stop and recover from the long but scenic drive.

Complete a perfect day by spending the night at your chosen resort. The area is known for its peace and solitude, and this becomes even more true at night.

Day 5: "Travel Far Enough, You Meet Yourself"- David Mitchell

The last day of your journey can be kicked off early with morning coffee or tea and then some visits to various temples including one specific temple with Myanmar architectural influence. Another must see includes the 20 pagodas of Wat Chedi Sao Luang, a landmark of the Lampang province.

An unforgettable stop will be Wat Phrathat Lampang. Here you can lose yourself between ancient temples of bronze and copper with teak pillars. Wat Phrathat also contains a sculpture of Buddha’s footprint making it a well-chosen part of your journey.

Continue your road-trip to Lamphun, known for growing longan and creating high quality woven textiles. Visit Wat Phrathat-Haripunchai, which was also a palace to King Athitayaraj . Enjoy a last, delicious Thai lunch at one Khum Ton Kaew Restaurant, located behind the museum close to the temple, before hitting the road for the last scenic stretch to Chiang Mai.


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