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Romantic Experience in Chiang Mai

Posted by Ayer Chengtrakun on

Romantic Experience in Chiang Mai

One of the most romantic trips a couple can have together involves the sharing of new and enlightening experiences within the evergreen region of Chiang Mai. This Northern capital city is hidden amongst mountains, dotted with temples, shrines and ancient forests. It is a favourite amongst travellers because of the flavourful northern food and the romantic atmosphere created by the soft mist and dewy mountain air.

The honeymoon package in Chiang Mai aims to draw you into the life, heritage, and traditions of the Northern Thai people, allowing you and your partner to have an inside look into this unique and secret way of life. Spend four days exploring the temples, culture and food and enjoy the incredible beauty of Thailand’s Northern province, while intimately enjoying each other’s company.

Allow us to draw back the curtains, and let you authentically experience Thai goodness.

Day 1: The Welcoming: Visiting the Temple Close to Heaven

On arrival In Chiang Mai, you will be welcomed to one of the exclusive resorts of your choosing. Your resort will become your home away from home and each resort option is carefully picked by Bespoke Infinite Travel, so that you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and pampered.

Once settled into your resort, you will be ushered to some of the most unique temples in Chiang Mai, the most famous being the magnificent Wat Doi Suthep, found at the top of a winding, serpent-like road. During your exploration of the temples, you will be introduced to some of the most famous Buddhist relics and statues, allowing you time to appreciate the wonders of these temples and observe the Buddhist religion in an up close and personal way.

On returning to the resort, you will sit down to a freshly cooked Thai style dinner, allowing you and your partner time to relish the moments of the day.

Day 2: An Immersive Cultural Experience: From Wat to Art

After a delicious breakfast at the resort, your driver will escort you to the South of Chiang Mai city to enjoy the Lanna architecture of Wat Ton Kwen Inthrawat.

After wandering about this temple, you will be ready for a foodie experience like no other!  Your hosts will be the Ruankaew-Yanon Family, who will welcome you into their lives, kitchen, and family recipes for one single day. This unique cultural experience will allow you front row seats to Thai life, allowing you the chance to cook and eat traditional northern Thai dishes, following recipes that have formed part of a long-standing heritage.

During the day, you will also familiarise yourself with the Sankampaeng Silk Factory. You will stand in awe at the deft skills of the pretty Bo Sang girls, making their colourful parasols. Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the colours and details involved in the creation of these unique products.

After viewing other wonderful craftsmen honing their special skills, you will return to your resort for some rest and relaxation.

For dinner, we will briefly allow you to feel close to home, by providing a western-style candle-light dinner, complete with a bottle of wine. Bon Appetite!

Day 3: The Crescendo: Khantok and Traditional Folk Dances

Breakfast will be enjoyed at the resort, after which you will be taken on a serene boat ride down the Ping River, through the heart of Chiang Mai city. This romantic trip will allow you to take in the incredible scenery Chiang Mai is so well known for. After a leisurely water adventure, you will continue your journey to Wororot Market, on a Sam Lor, which is a traditional Thai tricycle. Sample some delicious local market foods and feast your eyes on the beautiful fresh flowers as you enjoy the hustle and bustle of this famous market. Once you have your fill of market foods and flavours, get ready to shake off all your stress and enjoy some local spa treatments, preparing your appetite for the world famous Khantok dinner awaiting you that evening.

Khantok forms a significant part of Thai food heritage, and this unique setting, with its abundance of variety and flavour, will be accompanied by Thai fold dances and hillside presentations. This experience is a highlight for couples, because of its romantic and intimate atmosphere, created by sampling delicate dishes of flavourful Thai food together. This is a perfect ending to a perfect holiday.

Day 4: The Farewell: Last Goodbyes

After breakfast at the resort, you and your loved one will have some free time to spend as you please, allowing you the freedom to wind down after the romantic 3 days before.

After spending some alone time together, you will be transferred to the Chiang Mai Airport to complete your unique and very significant honeymoon together.

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