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Phuket Wellness Resort Holiday

Posted by Ayer Chengtrakun on

Phuket Wellness Resort Holiday

Reset. Heal. Refresh. These are all words that describe the Phuket Wellness Resort Holiday. Phuket is known for its wonderful selection of wellness spas, located within serene surroundings and peaceful, tropical locations along the coast. We have chosen this location for the Wellness Resort Holiday because it boasts powdery soft beaches and deep blue coastlines. The perfect location for a holiday focused on renewing the mind and body. 

Bespoke Infinite Travel felt the urge to create a holiday package that will truly help guests step into their future- stronger, healthier, and revitalized. With mass media idolizing the forever grind, we want to advocate the beauty and importance of self-care and mindfulness. Thus we present to you a holiday aimed at resetting your body clock, through the combination of inner-cleansing and ancient rituals that rid the body, skin, and mind of toxins and stress. 

Let us introduce the Phuket Wellness Resort Holiday. 

What is the Phuket Wellness Resort Holiday? 

Also known as a Wellness Retreat, this experience aims to rid the body and skin of the harmful toxins caused by unhealthy, over-processed foods, stressful lifestyles, and air pollution through a body, skin, and mind detox. These harmful conditions are often the root of many illnesses and fatigue, and a detox is the logical antidote. 

By joining this program, you will be taking the first and most important steps to regain your vitality and health, by allowing your body to reset its digestive, immune, and endocrine functions. It can also be a start to building good habits, allowing you time to embrace a healthier lifestyle that sets over into lasting health benefits. 

What Benefits Can You Reap from This Retreat? 

Speaking of benefits, the Phuket Wellness Retreat has quite a few! 

  • Lightness in body and mind 
  • Energy and revitalization
  • A reduced appetite with fewer food cravings 
  • Improved digestive functions 
  • Improved metabolism 
  • Reduced body and joint inflammation. 
  • Mindfulness, with thoughts being more present
  • Improved hormonal functions. 
  • Better sleeping patterns

Another important element of this detox holiday is the lasting impact it may have if you embrace it fully. By approaching this experience as the start of a self-care lifestyle, it can be the start of your healthy, fit body too. Essentially, this program will be the first few steps to the healthier, more self-loving person you were born to be. 

What makes this program even more unique, is the fact that it can be the perfect experience for couples, or even best friends, moms, and daughters, or fathers and sons. With men taking their bodies and skins seriously and embracing a lifestyle in which health plays a vital role, this holiday can be a kick-start or a mid-point recheck. Perfect for anyone that takes their self-care seriously. That is you, right? 

What Is Included in This Holiday? 

This Wellness Resort is all-inclusive, and your Bespoke Infinite Travel representative will help you select the best program for your personal needs. Thus, your unique package may include the following: 

  • Accommodation according to your selection and taste
  • A Round trip from and to the Phuket airport
  • An individual wellness consultation to assess your needs and set goals. 
  • Three nutritious meals selected according to your detox program 
  • A departure consultation 
  • Blood pressure check-up 
  • A physical analysis 

This wellness program will also focus on the use of ancient healing treatments that aid with detoxing and skin renewal, and will include the following spa treatments: 

  • A Chi Nei Tsang detoxifying abdominal massage. 
  • Colon Therapy
  • Detox support supplements 
  • A Full Body Swedish Massage 
  • Daily Infrared Sauna sessions. 

You will also have daily yoga classes to build strength, increase mobility and teach mindfulness. 

Another truly remarkable experience that is included in the Thai Hammam Journey 

This treatment is likened to a journey, because of the beautiful stages your body and mind travel through during this experience. A Traditional Sauna, Aromatic Thai Healing Steam, and Rainshower are just some of the things you will experience during this 105 min journey. Rich in temperature, earthy products, and healing hydro-therapy, this experience will open your body and mind to stillness and peace. 

Why This Is An Experience You Should Book At Least Once in Your Lifetime. 

We all have one thing in common- and that is that we have one body during one lifetime. Is it not our responsibility to take better care of it? Of course, it is! But taking the first steps are always hard, and then finding the right formula to kick-start this decision is even more challenging. That is why Bespoke Infinite Travel suggests this program for all its clients. Finding health and peace is the greatest wealth in the world, and we want to be part of that journey. 

We look forward to introducing you to this exclusive self-care journey, and possibly, to a new-you! 

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