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Wellness, Spas, and a Most Splendid Coastal View in Phuket

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Wellness, Spas, and a Most Splendid Coastal View in Phuket

Live your best life on this wellness retreat

Experience your most energised and radiant self as you go on this luxurious retreat that includes a specific detox diet, and key treatments, divine massages, and supplements to facilitate an effective detox, which is essentially a physical and mental spring-cleaning. In the relaxing and nourishing process, feel for yourself a lighter, clearer, and invigorated body and mind.

Yoga class at Amatara Wellness Resort

At Amatara Wellness Resort, guests may choose among many options. Whether a yogi or massage enthusiast, you will find your “cup of tea” in a refreshing yoga session, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, an infrared sauna, or Thai Hammam massage which is traditionally a Turkish bath. If you opt for the latter, a signature service at peaceful Amatara Resort, here’s what to expect:

Enter the lovely space set aside for the Hammam service, which includes a sauna session and Thai herbal steam among others. For the Thai Hammam treatment itself, get ready for a good deep-tissue scrub with an organic soap. Besides effective exfoliation, the treatment leaves the skin soft, rejuvenated, and nourished, just as a retreat should do a person. 

In the ideal situation, guests have specific objectives in mind when booking their wellness retreat, and Amatara Wellness Resort alongside Bespoke Infinite would advise the kinds of treatment and diet that would help meet each objective. Save the activities and treatments in store, the Resort also prides itself on lush accommodation offerings built for those seeking comfort and respite.

Above: King bed at Pool Pavilion of Amatara Wellness Resort
Below: Pool Pavilion of Amatara Wellness Resort

Deservedly gaining in popularity, wellness retreats are a great form of getaway as more urbanites proactively seek to protect their mental health and productivity and prevent a burn-out. With Bespoke Infinite, travellers can, in their preferred ways, take a closer look at the people, their culture, and their way of life in this part of the Land of Smiles. Subtle touches that go the extra mile, such as a bouquet of roses upon your arrival at the hotel, or a SIM card once you clear customs, can also be arranged. You simply have to leave your contact details and share your preferences and interests – we will be in touch to help curate your next bespoke travel experience. You can have a look at a basic itinerary Bespoke Infinite has offered related to this wellness retreat program in Thailand!


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