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Beyond Paad Thai and Shopping, Take a Glimpse of Bangkok’s Ancient City Heritage

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Beyond Paad Thai and Shopping, Take a Glimpse of Bangkok’s Ancient City Heritage

These are gold, and no, Platinum Mall is not on the list

Manohra Cruise

On a river that runs through the capital of the Land of Smiles, find a luxurious cruise that offers a romantic dinner and inspiring views of a rapidly developing city that surpass those of a steely, cleaned-up metropolis. Along Chao Phraya River, the night lights and striking sights of exquisite temples, the two-century-old Grand Palace, and Rama VIII Bridge built in remembrance of Thailand’s eighth emperor, among other architecture, are a different beauty to behold. All the while, revel in the gourmet spread and old-world splendour as the cruise, transformed from an antique rice barge, makes its way down Thailand’s King of Rivers, which was once the country’s lifeline of transportation.

An antique rice barge-turned-luxury cruise

Truly thrilling markets

Several times a day, the train rolls right through the slightly congested Maeklong Railway Market, where vendors have merely three minutes to withdraw the awning, move baskets of goods off the track, and essentially get the h*** out of the way. Once the train passes, the tracks are covered again with all kinds of fresh food, ranging from seafood to spices. Even though the train slows down when going through the Market, it is an absolute thrill to be amid the scrambling, scurrying, and steering clear, while witnessing the vendors’ nimbleness.

Also along Maeklong River and a 15-minute tuktuk ride away, find the less-known and more authentic Amphawa Floating Market. Where fishing has naturally been a main livelihood for decades before, Amphawa Floating Market, like many other water-borne bazaars, formed as new residents quickly settled along riverbanks. Till today, it is evident that the river serves as locals’ daily trading hub, and hence the floating market is not only an intriguing site of attraction, but also a most practical means of trade and transport.

A special temple little known to tourists in the heart of Bangkok

Wat Yannawa was built by King Nangklao (Rama III) some 300 years ago and its name translates to “the boat temple” in English. Long before King Nangklao’s reign in early 19th century, the Ayutthaya kingdom already had this temple in place, but as a memorial to Chinese junk ships that were used intensively for trade with China which brought about great prosperity, King Nangklao order the junk-like structure to be added to it. It was during his reign that traders were transitioning from junk ships to steam ships as the default mode of transport.  

Works of art spotted at ATT 19

Just another 15-minute car ride away, check out a novel creative space transformed from a 120-year-old school that closed just two years ago. Now a vibrant multi-purpose arts, retail, and F&B hub, ATT 19 boasts a floor space of 2,000sqm and is home to exhibition and event spaces, a furniture store with perfectly imperfect Japanese ceramics, an Asian cocktail bar, among many others. Get the camera ready: upon entering the premise, those looking for an Instagram-worthy spot will find the exterior of ATT 19 highly suitable.  

Though already wildly popular as a tourist destination, Bangkok continues to bring more novelties (and ancient artefacts!) to the surface so travellers have countless reasons to return. With Bespoke Infinite, travellers can, in their preferred ways, take a closer look at the people, their culture, and their way of life in this part of the Land of Smiles. Subtle touches that go the extra mile, such as a bouquet of roses upon your arrival at the hotel, or a SIM card once you clear customs, can also be arranged. You simply have to leave your contact details and share your preferences and interests – we will be in touch to help curate your next bespoke travel experience. 


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