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Unseen Hua Hin: Discover the Unfrequented Paradise that Surrounds This Coastal Town

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Unseen Hua Hin: Discover the Unfrequented Paradise that Surrounds This Coastal Town

Day 1 Highlights:

  • Discovering the ethereal beauty of Tham Khao Luang Cave
  • An epic road trip through evergreen pineapple and papaya plantations
  • Lunch at a local eatery
  • Arrive at Kaeng Krachan National Park
  • A breathtaking boat trip on the Kaeng Krachan reservoir
  • Check in to Laksasubha Hua Hin Resort

Day 2 Highlights:

  • Breakfast at the resort
  • Take a short roadtrip through the coconut and pineapple plantations
  • Pass through the fishing village of Bang Pu, to reach Lame Sala Beach
  • Hike to Phraya Nahhon Cave and view an architectural wonder
  • Spend some time on the local beach
  • Return to Laksasubha Hua Hin Resort

Day 3 Highlights:

  • Coffee  and breakfast at the resort
  • Explore the eclectic art village called Baan Sillapin
  • Admire the Royal Waiting Room at the Hua Hin Train Station
  • Travel to Khao Takiab, also called the monkey mountain.
  • Check into the I Love Phants Resort and retreat for a peaceful evening

Day  4 Highlights:

  • Enjoy breakfast and coffee at your resort
  • Learn about animal rescue at the Wildlife Rescue Centre and Elephant Refuge
  • Return to the Big Mango, Bangkok

Hua Hin- the name alone is synonymous with the rich and elite of Thailand, where Ferraris and other fast toys are common sights on beach roads lined with elite resorts and hotels. The playground of the rich and famous.

However, this coastal city is surrounded by various natural wonders that often get left out of tourist media and recommendations, purely because of how well hidden they are. From caves holding ancient relics to the largest national park in Thailand, Hua Hin has much to share and you have much to discover.

Day 1: An Epic Road Trip Through Pineapple and Papaya Plantations: Bangkok to Hua Hin

Hua Hin has become a fast favorite of the famous, not only because of the powdery white beaches, but because of its proximity to the  Big Mango, Thailand’s Capital city, Bangkok. Your 4 day experience will start with a personal pick up at your Bangkok hotel. The first leg of the journey will be a beautiful country roadtrip to the coast.

Enroute you will stop at the famous Tham Khao Luang Cave to bid honor to the magnificent cave temple hidden in its mysterious hollows. This is a truly magnificent location because of how the many golden relics and Buddhist statues line the inner space of the bare cave walls. These symbols of Buddhist respect are often bathed in soft sunlight giving this temple an ethereal atmosphere that hushes even the most hurried soul.

Your guide will stop for a delicious lunch at a local eatery before continuing this road trip to Hua Hin, following the road through plantations lined with giant pineapple trees reaching to the skies like prehistoric umbrellas. The landscape often plays chess by switching papaya and pineapple plantations for swampy rice paddies, surrounding the smooth road with green on either side. Driving along you will most certainly catch glimpses of  smooth skinned Thai oxen moving within the shadows cast by these wondrous farmlands.

Your next stop will be the Kaeng Krachan National Park. Stretching across 2,914 km this park reaches out to Myanmar which forms its western border. This national park is filled with natural wonders and harbors some of Thailand's most elusive mammals, such as the Sambar Deer, Clouded leopards and golden Jackals.The park is perfect for exploring because of magnificent viewpoints and smaller but beautiful caves. Walking through this heritage site will make you feel like you are lightyears from civilization,as nature fills your soul, and you will have an excellent chance of seeing these wondrous animals within their natural habitat- protected and happy.

While in the park you  will be taken on a boat trip on the Kaeng Krachan reservoir, before heading to your resort to check in.

You  will be greeted with warm Thai hospitality at the Laksasubha Hua Hin Resort before checking into your room. This resort has an air of lightness because of its soft white rooms  and how the resort is surrounded by the sands of Hua Hin’s white beaches.

Enjoy an evening of relaxation at the resort or take a  sunset stroll before dinner,relaxing after a day filled with driving and jungle adventures.

Day 2: From Fishing Village to Beach to Jungle Cave

After a delicious breakfast at the resort you start your exploration of the beautiful nature surrounding Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park to the south of Hua Hin. First your trip will start with a scenic drive along coconut and pineapple plantations as you head to the fishing village known as Bang Pu. This traditional way of life in Bang Pu has not been eroded by technology, making this quick stop a unique point of interest within the stretches of Hua Hin.

From the Bang Pu beach a longtail boat will ferry you across the waters to Laem Sala Beach. This powdery white beach is lined with gorgeous blue water and tall coconut trees. If the water and warm sands entice you to stay, feel free to enjoy the time lulling away on the beach and relaxing in the water. However, the hike we planned will take you to Phraya Nakhon Cave, so if you are up for an adventure, take a short hike to this jungle cave.

Following the trail underneath the flat surface of the cave ceiling, the rock walls seem to open up to a bubble of light, as sunbeams illuminate the green trees and  perfectly carved pavilion built for King Rama V in 1890.When conditions are perfect, the Thai-styled pavilion is illuminated by a beam of sunlight penetrating the shell of the cave as if blessing this structure with heavenly wishes. Take your time to enjoy the splendor and explore the surrounding habitat. This particular spot is perfect for those once-in-a-lifetime instagram shots, mesmerizing your social feed with the beauty of Thailand.

Once returning to the beach, you will have some time to enjoy the beach and clear water, before heading back to the resort for the evening.

Day 3: Spending a Day in the Quaint Artist House of Hua Hin

Day three is all about the local cultural experience, taking a break from nature to explore the many artistic and creative ventures of the Baan Sillapin Artist House. Built over the local water canals, this house resembles a village and community all at once.

Spending a morning here will promise views of longtails boats with happy tourists, and wooden spaces filled with locally crafted art and cultural objects. The Baan Sillapin Artist House also boasts a beautiful and traditional puppet show, with puppeteers wearing black masks, skillfully breathing life into exquisitely crafted puppets, wearing shimmering Thai costumes and telling tales of Thai myths through dramatic presentation- a must see on a list of “off the beaten track activities”.

The next cultural destination is the teak Royal waiting room of the Hua Hin Train station. Historically, royalty would visit the coast by traveling on the magnificent waterways, but since the railway sped up travel time, the Royal family had an ornate waiting room built, following the Thai architectural style of carefully carved teak wood and cherry red pointed roofs, brilliantly pointing to the ever blue Hua Hin sky.

Next you will meet the local mischief makers, the raunchy and overconfident monkeys who rule the area aptly nicknamed, Monkey Mountain. This stop is a true humorous experience, as a town ruled by monkeys can be very unpredictable, you know. Seeing these local critters play amongst the Thai-styled buildings, will present many moments for fun photos and the promise of future anecdotes to share with the family back home. This location, being elevated within the beautiful scenery, is a perfect lookout point because of the panoramic ocean views.

After an eventful afternoon on Monkey Mountain, you will be escorted to your resort, humorously called “I love Phants”- an eco inspired lodge, neighboring an elephant sanctuary and the evergreen jungle.

Relax for the evening and have a delicious dinner at your resort before winding down for the last evening in Hua Hin.

Day 4: Up-Close and Personal with Local Wildlife Heroes.

After a delicious breakfast, it is time to say goodbye to the lovely resort and start your last activity of your Hua Hin experience. Today you will have the chance to get close and intimate with the local wildlife, as we introduce you to Wildlife Rescue Center and Elephant Refuge.

This sanctuary provides a rare opportunity to learn about the rescue and care provided to local wildlife through this incredible organization. During your visit you will join the staff as they make their rounds, feeding, treating and taking care of their four ( and sometimes two legged) patients. This experience is highly educational and one specific element that stands out is the education you will receive on elephant rescue. You will be  introduced to their huge-bellied rescued friends, and be intimately acquainted with these giants by learning their names and backstories.

The visit will provide the rare chance of joining the unsung heroes of the sanctuary as they fulfill their daily rituals of care for, treating and feeding their animal and elephant patients. Bespoke Infinite Travel chose this important experience because of the highly educational side, and also because trips to this sanctuary aids their financial well being. Your visit will contribute to the feeding and medical costs of this incredible organization and animal hospital.

After a last buffet lunch, you will be escorted back along the green countryside to Bangkok, spending a few moments with your local guide after a safe and thrilling four day experience.

What to Expect From This Hua Hin Tour

Hua Hin is a famously beautiful town, and what makes it quite unique is the gorgeous area that surrounds it. Thus this trip is focused on introducing you to the experiences even the local Bangkok people do not know much about.

However, this experience is aimed at showing you the beautiful flora and fauna if the this coastal region, and thus comfortable shoes and clothes are essential to making this experience as exceptional as possible.

Bring some  bug repellent if you are a little squeamish and a hat and sunscreen is always recommended.

Further, a happy and respectful attitude will add to your experience and we believe that our itinerary will fulfill all your travel wishes.

Ready, Set…Pack!

Our bilingual team will be ready to assist you with any questions regarding your trip, but here are some packing tips ahead of time. Remember that part of Thailand's beauty is because of the humidity in the air, so wearing breathy, light garments made from natural linen or cotton will definitely make your trip more comfortable. We also recommend hiking shoes and clothes, and even though all resorts provide what you need to fight off the buzzing mosquitoes, buying a mosquito cream and coral-friendly sunscreen will only be in your best interest.

Come have fun, and pack enough swimsuits for moonlight swims and morning dips, and do not forget that insta worthy sunhat for perfect pictures at the floating village or the tip of a longboat.

Do follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos so we can share in your perfect experience. Our hashtag is #BespokeInfiniteTravel.

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Be sure to let us know if you have any questions! We love sharing our knowledge and expertise.

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