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The Ultimate Kanchanaburi Historical Tour: Stay in a Floating-Villa and Tour the Historically Famous Kanchanaburi Landmarks

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The Ultimate Kanchanaburi Historical Tour: Stay in a Floating-Villa and Tour the Historically Famous Kanchanaburi Landmarks

Day 1  Highlights:

  • Become acquainted with The Thailand Burma Railway Center
  • Get to know the Allied War Cemetery
  • Walk across history- The Famous Bridge over the River Kwai
  • Check-in at the Floating House River Kwai and then lunch is served
  • Meet the Mon Tribal People and visit their temple
  • Enjoy Dinner at the resort while watching a Mon dance
  • Relax at your floating villa

Day 2 Highlights:

  • Breakfast at the resort
  • Enjoy a longtail boat trip down the River Kwai
  • Explore the Hellfire Pass Museum and Memorial
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Discover a peaceful orchard and a palm garden
  • Enjoy dinner at your river resort

Day 3 Highlights:

  • Coffee  and breakfast at the resort
  • Check-out and say goodbye to your resort friends
  • Take an extensive  longtail boat ride down the River Kwai
  • Walk down the Death Railway
  • Transfer back to Bangkok

Kanchanaburi sets an example of ceaseless human endurance. An area stricken by loss-of lives and a heart wrenching history has turned itself around, becoming one of the most peaceful and lush areas for relaxation in Thailand. Kanchanaburi has become a scenic destination at which tourists can be educated about history, while celebrating the wonderful and resourceful manner in which the local people have turned this loss into victory.

This trip is lush, serene and filled to the brim with fascinating history, scenic longtail boat trips and strolls through history. Welcome to Kanchanaburi!

Day 1- An Immersive Historical and Cultural Tour

You will leap back into the history of WWII as you enter Kanchanaburi. After your transfer from Bangkok your day will start by visiting the Thailand-Burma Railway Center.

This research center is also a museum dedicated to presenting a realistic history of the construction of the famous Death Railway to locals and foreigners. As you take the interactive tour you will see photos from this period, read about and listen to stories of the experiences the war-captured prisoners had to endure while building the steel path between Bangkok and ancient Burma.

The next stop on this historical tour of Kanchanaburi will be the Allied War Cemetery. This cemetery provides a beautiful space of perfectly lined grave-stones who honor the deaths of the prisoners held captive during the war. The grounds give off a sense of peace as the design is well structured. It resembles the structure and peace the Thailand locals created from the chaos of war.

The last historical stop of the morning is the infamous Bridge Across the River Kwai. This steel structure creates a thrilling atmosphere within this local village and crossing its huge frame provides beautiful views of local temples and shrines with twisted gold serpents.

Next you will be escorted to your relaxing resort, the Floating House River Kwai. After being checked-into your tranquil villa, lunch will be enjoyed at the lovely river restaurant.

Your afternoon will be spent with the local Mon tribe. Residing in the South-East of Asia for over 1200 years, they are one of the earliest indigenous groups in the area, and their simple yet effective way of life has been preserved for generations.You will be welcomed by a warm, smiling host who will introduce you to their culture in various ways. A highlight will be the cultural show the tribe will proudly put on for you, to entertain and educate you about their heritage.

After saying your goodbyes, you will return to your floating resort to enjoy a delicious dinner while watching local Mon people perform a traditional dance.

Enjoy a peaceful evening at your floating villa above the tranquil water.

Day 2- Down the River Through History

Your morning will most probably start with the tranquil sounds of the jungle, as you lie inside your floating suite. Kanchanaburi is uniquely tranquil because of the combination of mountainous jungle and river landscapes. Thailand's humidity has a way to quicken hunger, and breakfast at the resort's restaurant is particularly satisfying.

After enjoying a tropical breakfast, your day will start with a traditional longtail boat down the River Kwai. Your river captain will drop you off  at the striking and eerie Hellpass Museum. This space has an atmosphere that strikes a balance between quiet respect from visitors and happy bird calls from the tranquil jungle that surrounds it. Aesthetically pleasing while being educational at the same time- a must see while in Kanchanaburi.

Your experience at this museum will include audio-visual tours as well as the chance to walk down the path created by the prisoners of war- essentially walking in their footsteps.

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant, and we encourage you to be adventurous and discover new tastes. Local dishes are always interesting and your trip is all about discovering new experiences cultivated by history. Enjoy local cuisine is a perfect place to enjoy just such an adventure!

Now we take a small break from history and focus your afternoon on the peaceful surroundings of farm and agricultural life. You will be escorted to a local orchard and palm garden. The sky-reaching trees form the backdrop of Thailand countryside, and are often overlooked when appreciating the beauty of this tropical country. This experience will be both peaceful and revitalizing.

Your evening will be spent at the villa, where you can enjoy dinner and either meet other guests or enjoy the tranquil space of your villa.

Day 3- Taking a Stroll Down Kanchanaburi’s Death Railway

Your early morning will be spent at your villa. Enjoy the last moments of the peaceful river and a lovely breakfast. After check-out the last part of your Kanchanaburi historical trip will begin.

You will be picked up by a longtail boat and again, enjoy a peaceful excursion down the river. This is truly what makes this trip so unique, is the special experience of moving through this region by traditional water travel. It allows you to enjoy nature without disturbing the local flora and fauna, providing you with a unique chance to engage with nature in a responsible way.

Your trip will take you to the Kanchanaburi Death Railway.  This unique strip of railway runs past small local stalls until it reaches an overhang where it continues high above the ground. Walking over this railway is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time and an experience you will never forget. There are many hidden gems in this area, but what truly makes it unique is the local jungle that has stealthily started to surround and bind itself to the tracks, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

Now your three day trip has come to an end and you will be safely escorted back  to Bangkok.

What to Expect From This

Kanchanaburi Historical Tour Kanchanaburi and its people are simple, kind and very traditional- it is a unique geographic area filled with beauty and natural wonders such as waterfalls, river plants and various unique resorts. The historical tours have been well put together and though they remind us of the unkindness of human nature, Thai people would like you to see the beauty that has come of it, because of their kindness and resilience.

Feel free to ask questions and enjoy the many wonders, historically and natural, that you will experience. You will walk away with a happy and rested soul and a head full of knowledge and interesting facts.

This tour is truly unique and we are so excited about sharing it with you!

Ready, Set…Pack!

Our bilingual team will be ready to assist you with any questions regarding your trip, but here are some packing tips ahead of time.

Remember that part of Thailand's beauty is because of the humidity in the air, so wearing breathy, light garments made from natural linen or cotton will definitely make your trip more comfortable. We also recommend comfortable shoes and clothes, and even though all resorts provide what you need to fight off the buzzing mosquitoes, buying a mosquito cream and sunscreen will only be in your best interest.

Come have fun, and pack enough swimsuits for possible moonlight swims where permitted and cool morning dips, and do not forget that insta worthy sunhat for scenic pictures in the longtail boat.

Do follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos so we can share in your perfect experience. Our hashtag is #BespokeInfiniteTravel.

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Be sure to let us know if you have any questions! We love sharing our knowledge and expertise.

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