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The Best Khao Sok Itinerary 2022: A Breathtaking 3 Day Lake and Jungle Experience

Posted by Ayer Chengtrakun on

The Best Khao Sok Itinerary 2022: A Breathtaking 3 Day Lake and Jungle Experience

Day 1  Highlights:

  • Start your journey to Khao Sok from Phuket
  • Learn about a  tragic romance on the Sarasin Bridge
  • Pay your respects at the famous Tsunami Memorial site
  • See the hilltop temple of Wat Bang Riang
  • Stop for lunch at the Khao Sok Discovery Restaurant
  • Take a breathtaking Khao Sok River Canoe ride
  • Vist the Reclining Buddha in the Monkey Cave
  • Check into your boutique camp for the evening

Day 2 Highlights:

  • Have breakfast at the boutique camp
  • Hike through the lush Khao Sok National Park
  • Have lunch at the Khao Sok Mountain View Restaurant
  • Checkout at the boutique hotel
  • Glide across Cheow Lan Dam in a Thai longtail boat
  • Check into your floating  hotel of choice
  • Spend the afternoon in the cool waters of Khao Sok

Day 3 Highlights:

  • Take a  sunrise canoe trip
  • Enjoy breakfast back at the hotel
  • Take a short hike to an idyllic lookout point
  • Raft to the beautiful Coral Cave
  • Enjoy a final lunch in Khao Sok
  • Start your journey back to the mainland

Have you ever imagined yourself waking up to the sounds of rainforest birds singing, while your floating hotel gently rocks on the emerald waters of a giant lake? Have you dreamt about how you step onto the deck of your water chalet, a warm cup of coffee in hand, as you stare up at the ancient rainforest surrounding you? Well, we have been dreaming about it so much that we decided to make this fantasy a very real reality.

Rainforests older than the amazon, filled with green giants, colorful bird species and shy elephants, await your mesmerized gaze. Let us introduce you to Khao Sok National Park- The Bespoke Infinite Travel way.

Day 1 : Find the Secret Love Story at Sarasin Bridge and Canoe between Limestone Krasts at Khao Sok River

The journey to Khao Sok National park is one of the best starts a trip can have, because of the romance of Sarasin Bridge you cross from Phuket. Said to be one of the most beautiful bridges in Thailand, the Sarasin Bridge connects the stunning island of Phuket to the mainland, and because of the pedestrian walkway lying parallel to the newest parts of the bridge, it is often buzzing with local life, such as fishermen and children and little street vendors.

The bridge has a true love-story that often attracts lovers who want to take on the challenge of crossing the bridge while holding their breath, so they can make a wish on the other side. Your guide will be sure to share this legend with you as you enjoy the perfect views and interesting local characters.

Next you will be escorted to the Tsunami Memorial site, where various sculptures and art work has been erected in the memory of the lives lost during the 2014 tragedy. Being able to stand in a space which has recovered from such sadness, will make the following trips even more beautiful as you rediscover how nature helps us to be present and mindful.

Before lunch, you will be welcomed to Wat Rat Uppatham, also called Wat Bang Riang. This stunning temple holds many architectural favorites including a bell-shaped pagoda and a Guan-Yin Chinese goddess statue, but possibly its most attractive element is the location it holds atop a hill. The Chinese statue and the giant gold Buddha residing in the hilltop to its right, seem to be enveloped by green trees and lush vegetation. Simply a must-see attraction when visiting Phang Nga, so naturally we added this gorgeous site to our list.

Now, off to lunch at the Khao Sok Discovery Restaurant. The warm, pleasant heat and fresh air will help you work up an appetite, and nothing quite hits the spot the way a spicy Som Tam, or a hearty bowl of beef noodles does.

As the afternoon looms ahead, you will enjoy your first taste of the beautiful, lime-stone karsts by exploring the Khao Sok River by canoe. Feel your world become smaller as these giants rise above your little canoe, casting cool shadows on perfect waters. Along the way you will stop at Khao Sok for a few moments of perfect views.

The last stop of the day will be a visit to the giant, reclining Buddha resting in the stomach of Monkey Cave.  Seeing a Buddha in such natural locations has  a very different feel to the more architectural temple experiences, and the little monkeys who playfully run up and down the trees, seem like little guardians of this beautiful temple cave.This destination is the perfect last excursion to a wonderful day.

Your hunger and thirst will be quenched at the Khao Sok Boutique camp, after which you can relax in your room, drifting to sleep, surrounded by the songs of rainforest nightlife.

Day 2 : Glide Above Thailand's Own  “Lost City”  and Enjoy a Hike Through Emerald Giants

After an idyllic breakfast, your day will start with a 3 hour hike through Khao Sok National park. As you duck below low branches, and wade through the tropical vegetation of this jungle, you will have a chance to see some unique mammals, birds and plants. Keep your eyes open and you might see a slick-black gaur sharpening its horns on a nearby tree, or a long nose tapir with a spotted baby by her side. Above the trees you will hear the calls of many tropical birds, and see flashes of orange, yellow and blue as they sweep over moss covered tree trunks and hop along ancient branches.

In the floral department, you can keep an eye out for heavy-looking Pitcher plants, and thick, rough trunks of ancient Buttress roots. During certain parts of the year, your nose may shock you with the putrid smell of the biggest flower in the world- the giant, right-red Rafflesia.

The silence of this ancient forest might be broken by the howls of long-armed gibbons, or the cracking of branches under a mighty elephant's feet. There are few things as beautiful as animals in their natural habitat, and this national park provides a safe and undisturbed refuge to these unique creatures. Open your heart to the forest,and it will open its heart to you. The reason this national park is famous for its vibrant animal life is because of its sheer size and geography. Deep valleys lie hidden between the folds of ancient mountains- white, limestone karsts rise up from green tropics, or green waters, and very few natural disturbances affect this carefree environment.

For lunch you will take a break at the  beautiful Khao Sok Mountain View Restaurant. This little gem is run by a local family, and the food home-style Thai cooked dishes will leave you asking for more.

After your hotel check out, you will hop on a longtail boat, a traditional and slender Thai boat popular because of its agility and ease of movement.Your longtail boat excursion will take you across Cheow Lan Dam. It is said that whole villages lie beneath its waters, and it is quite eerie to imagine schools and temples sleeping at the bottom of this pristine lake.

Your exhilarating and beautiful boat journey will end at a beautiful floating hotel, where you will be left to enjoy the rest of your afternoon exploring the waters by kayak, swimming or sunbathing while enjoying cocktails or fresh fruit. You can expect a beautiful and tranquil private room on a single floating raft. This unique sleeping experience has been curated for this lake destination. It places you at the center of the national park's beauty, with pristine views of the  towering cliffs and mountains, while the emerald, clear water is just a few steps from your bed.

Your dinner will be served at the floating hotel and after which you can enjoy some moonlight swimming or reading  from the comfort of your floating room.

Day 3 : A Sunrise Canoe Trip and a Date with the Coral Cave

As your last day at Khao Sok starts, it is only fitting that you share in the waking of the forest. You will canoe across the quiet lake waters into the rising sun. As you quietly sit on the pristine waters of a surreal man-made  lake, in the middle of an ancient forest, you will have the rare opportunity to see morning unfold- as it has for centuries, protected by the strong mountains and thriving jungles of this historic destination. This is possibly the best sunrise experience you will ever have the opportunity of witnessing, and the calmness will seep into your soul.

Just as everything in this serene landscape seems to make your senses come alive, so does every meal you enjoy on this Khao Sok tour. So after your sunrise-canoe trip, enjoy a hearty breakfast. Be present and hear the sizzling of the oil in the wok, and smell the sweetness of the pineapple before you even taste it. The simplicity of Thai ingredients are always contrasted by the intense, powerful flavors that fill your pallet with new experiences. So savor your Thai omelet, laced with crispy pork. Breathe in the vapor of Thai basil mixed with your stir-fried rice. Or simply enjoy the array of yellows and reds as you nibble on some fresh fruit. Whatever your breakfast may be, you will never again experience it in such a perfect location.

After breakfast you enjoy a 1 km walk to a spot called 500 Rai.This gorgeous location will provide exquisite views of the lake and its beautiful islets. On a perfect day, the sky and the lake become one, when the lake appears to have swallowed the blue sky and clouds, until everything seems upside down.

Next you will board a  deftly woven bamboo raft which will take you to the famous Pakarang Cave, also known as the Coral cave. The cave is filled with sea-like stalactites and stalagmites, resembling a white washed coral bed.

After your exploration of its white and cream interior, you will be returned to your floating resort for a lunch at the floating restaurant. After collecting your belongings and making a last wish in this beautiful surroundings, you will be gliding back to the mainland via longtail boat. A perfect ending for the best Khao Sok Itinerary!

Why This Trip Is Ideal for Family Holidays or Groups of Close Friends

Even though this trip  can be customized and adapted for a romantic getaway for two, we truly imagine this experience to be perfect for a close knit group of friends or a family holiday tour! With space for up to 10 people, this Khao Sok tour can be the perfect reunion or post-covid get together. A celebration of life and family, with the memories of a perfect jungle experience connecting you to this ancient destination- forever.

Ready, Set…Pack!

Our bilingual team will be ready to assist you with any questions regarding your trip, but here are some packing tips ahead of time.

Remember that part of Thailand's beauty is because of the humidity in the air, so wearing breathy, light garments made from natural linen or cotton will definitely make your trip more comfortable. We also recommend hiking shoes and clothes, and even though all resorts provide what you need to fight off the buzzing mosquitoes, buying a mosquito cream and coral-friendly sunscreen will only be in your best interest.

Come have fun, and pack enough swimsuits for moonlight swims and morning dips, and do not forget that insta worthy sunhat for perfect pictures at the floating village or the tip of a longboat.

Do follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos so we can share in your perfect experience. Our hashtag is #BespokeInfiniteTravel.

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Be sure to let us know if you have any questions! We love sharing our knowledge and expertise.

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