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Experience a Curated Heritage Tour in Northern Thailand: From Bonding with Elephants to Hot Air Ballooning

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Experience a Curated Heritage Tour in Northern Thailand:  From Bonding with Elephants to Hot Air Ballooning

Day 1  Highlights:

  • Become an Elephant Caretaker
  • Learn about the relationship between elephants and the Thai culture
  • Be introduced to your elephant and start bonding
  • Give your elephant an assisted health inspection
  • Bathe and feed your elephant

Day 2 Highlights: ( Please note that sunset tours are  also available)

  • Start your morning with pre-sunrise drinks or coffee.
  • Enjoy a magical hot air balloon tour over either Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai
  • Have Champagne to end off the tour
  • Take a few moments to explore your chosen location
  • Travel to the mountains to meet the Karen Hill Tribes
  • Spend the day learning about their culture and traditions
  • Sleep-over at the Hill Tribe’s village

Day 3 Highlights:

  • Travel to Chiang Rai
  • Tour The White Temple of Chiang Rai
  • Admire the surelean blue of The Blue Temple of Chiang Rai
  • Visit the mysterious and fascinating Black House Chiang Rai

The North of Thailand is the perfect destination for those seeking a culturally immersive travel experience such as a heritage tour. This location provides a unique opportunity to discover the traditions and culture of the Karen Long Neck tribes and still find time to  explore rice fields and misty mountains that stretch between the ancient cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Measurable in no way, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces form the heart of true Thai culture and ancient methods of living, farming, and worshiping are still practiced between the folds of jungle covered-mountains and carved temple walls. In order to explore this unique and traditional way of life, we have set together a 3 day heritage tour taking you from earth to sky and back again. If you are looking for an escape from the mundane and a gateway to an ancient culture, then this heritage tour is for you.

Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai- or Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

As with most of our packages, each trip can be uniquely designed for you. With that in mind, the order, starting point, and even hotels can be chosen and adjusted according to your needs. So the heritage tour package can follow any order  and our suggested order below is just one of many examples of how this tour can be arranged.

For this trip, we have chosen only the most trustworthy partners, pilots, and guides, so your journey will be as safe and smooth as humanly possible. You will be picked up and escorted in style, and all dining experiences will be discussed and planned according to your needs. So let’s introduce you to our much anticipated Heritage Tour Experience!

The Heritage Tour Day 1: Become an Elephant Caretaker

For centuries, elephants have formed an integral part of Thai heritage, and unfortunately the tourism industry has turned this relationship into a union branded as evil and uncaring. However, we want to provide the chance for you to truly see the beauty of the relationship between elephants and Thai culture.

During this visit to a Thai-owned Elephant farm, you will have the chance to see firsthand the care given to elephants by their caretakers, known as “mahouts.”  During this tour, you will have the opportunity to bond with an elephant of your own and become its caretaker, guided by a knowledgeable mahout. One cannot truly be immersed in Thai history, culture, or mythology, without acknowledging this intricate bond between elephant and Thai. By caring for the needs of this prehistoric being, you will gain first hand knowledge of the heritage of Thai culture and their giant friends.

What to expect

You can  expect a deeply spiritual learning experience. Aimed at educating foreigners about elephant care, but also about the Thai culture and how the two are forever bound together. During  your day trip, you will learn how to introduce yourself to your elephant and how the bonding process is started. You will conduct a health inspection, walk, bathe, and feed your elephant as well as learn  communication techniques.

The Heritage Tour Day 2: Hot Air Ballooning and Visiting a Local Hill Tribe

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are two of the most idyllic locations for a birds-eye-view of the north, and yet this tour is still very hush-hush, making it the perfect addition to our heritage tour.  These tours are splendid because of the temperate climates, misty views, and hilly farms blanketed by either the colorful flower plantations in Chiang Rai, or gleaming rice-fields in Chiang Mai.

What to Expect

Both hot air ballooning destinations are breathtaking, and we cannot imagine a better sunrise view than one from the sky, gently floating over tropical landscapes still asleep between breaths of misty clouds. However, beauty and preference is a very personal thing, so let us explain what makes each location unique for hot air ballooning. If choosing between locations seems a bit difficult, you are welcome to book both! Flower-fields and rice-fields are hard contenders, but at Bespoke Infinite Travel you can have your cake and eat it.

Both locations ensure only the best pilots and they pride themselves on very high safety standards, making this tour a trusted favorite of Bespoke Infinite travel.

Champagne and Hot Air Ballooning in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers sunrise and sunset tours over two scenic locations.The first is a sunrise tour over the Horizon Village and resort, and the second is a floating tour over the lush, glinstering rice-fields Chiang Mai is known for. Each flight will provide coffee and pre-drinks and of course they left the best for last- a champagne celebration.

Champagne and Hot Air Ballooning in Chiang Rai

The idyllic Chiang Rai location offers tours for both sunrise chasers, and sunset lovers. Floating over the famous tea plantations, and when in bloom, flower fields of Singha Park will leave you giddy and in a dream-like state. This stunning marriage of tropics and blooms makes this trip quite unique, and after floating through the heavens, you gain free entry to the Singha Park to enjoy the flower fields at your leisure.

Spend Some Time with The Long Neck Tribes of Thailand

The Karen Hill tribe is a fascinating group of people whose origin is a mystery. Now settled near the border of Myanmar in northern Thailand, the tribes are said to hail from Tibet, or the Gobi desert, though most of the tribes settled in Thailand after their escape from the unrest in Burma.

Karen tribes have sub-groups that vary greatly when it comes to their customs, dress-codes, and even language, making these tribal people one of the most fascinating  groups of people in the world. Probably the most special subgroup is the Long Neck tribe, who call themselves “Padaung”. The women of these Karen Hill tribes wear copper rings around their necks, which has caused their necks to become elongated.

Because the Long Neck tribes prefer remote mountainous areas, their customs and habits remain constant and unchanged by globalization and technology. Therefore a visit to these wonderful tribes is a truly unique travel experience in beautiful locations across the north of Thailand.

What to Expect

Spending a day with the long neck tribe is a cultural immersion experience that you will never forget. Because each Hill tribe has their own unique language, customs and life-style, you could see many different things and experience various unique customs every time you visit another Karen tribe. Each village has a chief, who guides them and helps determine the customs they are known for. The history of the copper rings which the women of the  Long Neck tribes wear is particularly interesting, and the chief has a key role in the creation of this fascinating custom. During your visit, you will learn how these rings helped to protect the women of the tribe, leading history to become part of their current dress code.

Skilled mahouts, silversmiths, and rice farmers, the Karen tribes still understand the deep connection between human and nature, and technology has not  hardened their heritage of peace and tranquility. A visit to one of these tribes will give you the unique opportunity to become part of their culture for a day, or night. Sleep in one of their unique bamboo huts, and eat their locally grown and cooked dishes as you learn about their families, farming and other unique skills acquired through years of surviving and  thriving in unspoilt nature.

Traveling is often seen as  an escape from reality and everyday life, though such experiences are often rare and unknown. Spending a day and night with the Karen Long Neck people is the perfect cure when yearning for the unknown, but in a safe, noninvasive and authentic way.

The Heritage Tour Day 3: How Chiang Rai Blends Art and Religion

Thai culture is grounded deep in various religions, with Buddhism being one of the most prominent, and the practice and celebration of this religion throughout history has often produced architecture so elaborate and refined that it has become a part  of Thai culture.

Another lesser known aspect of Thai culture is art, and this country has produced some of the most daring and elaborate designs known on earth. Chiang Rai is famous for three such architectural wonders created by local artists who used these projects to celebrate Thai culture and history through artistic expression.

What to Expect

Art and Buddhism meet through this  amazing tour of the White and Blue Temple, and the Black House, located in Chiang Rai. This tour is not  a typical temple tour, as these three artifacts are not truly temples,  but rather  privately owned works of art which were created by famous, local artists.

Tour The White Temple Chiang Rai

This masterpiece, designed and owned by the Thai artists Chalermchai Kositpipat, needs no introduction, due to the ice-like intricacies of this Thai Inspired temple which often adorns the instagram pages of the most elite, or those seeking self-discovery.

Symbolizing the purity of Thai Culture, Wat Rong Khun is a marvel of white and glass, reaching up to the blue sky, sparkling in the bright sun. Not completed yet, this temple is an ongoing work of art and walking its nine buildings, or wandering amongst its white, stoned-carved guardians, and statues, will leave you yearning to understand the history that inspired its symbolic purity.

Tour The Blue Temple Chiang Rai

Once your tour of the White Temple has been completed, you will be taken to the Blue Temple. The signature sapphire colour brings into focus the unique meringu of traditional and modern Thai culture, celebrating the steadfastness of Thai traditions in a vivid and artistic way.

As you tour the intricate interior and exterior of this blue marvel, you will learn about the history that inspired its Thai name, “Wat Rong Suea Ten”, and hear about the legends of the tigers that roamed the temple’s original halls.

Touring this lesser known marvel will introduce you to ancient Thai mythology, and stories of mythical beings will literally surround you as your eyes  feast on its detailed statues and cerulean beings, adorned with gold.

Tour The Black House Chiang Rai

Named because of the untraditional black colour of the structure, this museum, which is also the  home of national Thai artists Thawan Duchanee, is actually an artistic design in honour of Thai culture and heritage, as are the White and Blue temples. Thai architecture blends well with modern and artistic design throughout the 40 building site, called “Baan Dam” in Thai. It aims at provoking thoughtful reflections on life, religion, and art.

Teak timber strikingly contrasts with the dark, somber colour of the building, creating  a fascinating contrast that draws you in visually and perhaps even spiritually. Animal skulls, and horns adorn the inner walls capturing your imagination- leading you on a journey of personal-interpretation.

Your tour will include many visual pleasures, from Thai-inspired architecture, to white igloos and whale-like statues.Your expectations will be exceeded at every turn, and if you are open to interpretation, your tour will be guided by thought provoking questions and inner dialogues, as is often the case  when inspired by art and architecture. We promise you that these designs are one-of-a-kind, making this experience one for your bucket-list.

Travel Your way: Experience This Heritage Tour Your Way

At Bespoke Infinite Travel we aim to design each tour inspired by your requests, and that is why every tour can be redesigned to suit your unique needs; from travel requests, and cuisine preferences, to stylish hotels, or home-stays that keep the experience close to traditional culture.You choose every-step, and we guide you with our knowledge and years of cultural experience.

Our multilingual team can provide honest expertise and we aim to establish ourselves as one of the most trustworthy and highly skilled travel-companies in Asia. Do not let the language barrier prevent you from experiencing what the local “it” crowds do. Let us be the bridge between you and the travel experience of a lifetime, ensuring you get a curated, unique, and stress-free travel plan. We advise, design and book your trip from start to finish- you just tell us what you truly want to experience.

We know the best places, the most unique characters and the true culture of Asia and we want to share it with you. Nothing stands between you and the trip of a lifetime!

Every Amazing Holiday Experience Started With The Right Steps

We can be the first and even last step of your ultimate Asian Holiday Experience. It starts with one email; one call. Simply fill out our booking form and we will reach out to you so we can help you start your perfect 2022 or 2021 Thailand Trip.

If you like this tour, take a peek at  our delectable Farm to Kitchen Cooking Tour- this will be a perfect addition to the heritage tour because Thai cooking is the backbone of Thai heritage.Go on, book now and thank us later. We cannot wait to  get to know you!



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