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A day with Bespoke Infinite around charming Bangkok

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Bobby and I tried Bespoke Infinite out for the first time when we went on a mini-honeymoon to Bangkok. The gist of it is simply this: we had a fuss-free and romantic first day of our three-day honeymoon thanks to Bespoke Infinite’s thoughtful touches, such as getting us to go through Fast Lane from the get-go when crossing Thai customs (I hate to queue), and making sure we don’t have to walk too much (Bobby isn’t a fan of walking and perspiring).


We agreed on the one-day itinerary after a few days of feedback, and were looking forward to visit:

  • The Temple of the Reclining Buddha (a famous site of attraction we’ve never been!)
  • An exclusive parlour for authentic Thai massage
  • A riverside cruise ride where we were served a hearty dinner


Always taking into account our preferences, Bespoke Infinite first had a chat with us to find out what we like and don’t like, what kind of an experience we might be seeking, what we haven’t seen in Bangkok… The team then sent across a preliminary itinerary and we shared our feedback – we wanted to be comfy for most of the trip yet get to see more of Bangkok. While the team initially arranged for us to visit a district without crazy traffic right across the city’s Chao Phraya River that I’m sure would be a scenic trail, we fed back that we wouldn’t appreciate the humidity even though we would love the sight-seeing. It was a very pleasant surprise that we got Wat Po and the river cruise eventually because we’d get to experience both a different Bangkok and see the magnificent River.


The massage session was also a remarkable activity. The parlour itself was a showcase of elegant interior design juxtaposed with a rustic touch, and the service was impeccable from the greeting at the door. The only thing perhaps that might be of concern is its location – it is in the main city but off a quieter street, which to be fair adds to the parlour’s serene ambience.


Overall, we had a lovely first day with Bespoke Infinite during the our three-day mini-honeymoon and would do it again when we travel to another Southeast Asian destination. Perhaps Chiang Rai, or a less seen part of Malaysia the next time?


Written by Samantha T

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