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The Bangkok Taste and Temple Package For True Foodies: An All Inclusive Package Effortlessly Blends Culture and Cuisine

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The Bangkok Taste and Temple Package For True Foodies: An All Inclusive Package Effortlessly Blends Culture and Cuisine

Day 1 Highlights: Night Time Tour of Temples and Foodie Favorites

  • Option 1: A two hour traditional Thai Massage
  • Option 2: Enjoy the sunset at Mahanakhon Skywalk
  • Tuk-tuk food-tour starts
  • Visit the oldest Pad Thai Restaurant in Bangkok
  • Enjoy a moonlit Tuk-tuk tour of the historic Rattanakosin Island
  • Devour a delicious Thai dinner overlooking the Temple of the Dawn
  • Explore the river-side Asiatique for some shopping and late-night snacks

Day 2 Highlights: Experiencing Market Culture and Bang Khun Thian Cuisine

  • Start off at the MaeKlong Railway Market
  • On the weekend: Visit the Amphawa Weekend-Floating Market
  • During the week: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  • Pop in at a local fishing village- Bang Khun Thian
  • Have a seafood lunch at a local restaurant. 

Day 3 highlights: A Walking Tour of Local Street Art, Exploring Halal Street Food

  • Start a day of “foodie-on-foot” exploring in Bangrak
  • Visit the stunning temple, Wat Yannawa
  • Explore the amazing street-art found in Bangrak
  • Enjoy local halal-food from some of the amazing street-stalls
  • Pop over the Chao Phraya for a last restaurant stop at one of the Amazing river-side restaurants.

Bangkok - a city known for its eclectic mix of cultures, food, entertainment and history, is truly larger than life. Filled to the brim with promising adventure possibilities and unexplored territories- even a lifetime for exploring its streets is too short. Though Bangkok has become engulfed by modern restaurants and international chefs, it is still best known for its traditional street food- vendors- some becoming international legends while daily stoking the flames beneath their simmering noodle pots.

Best Bangkok Street Food and Shopping MarketsPhoto: https://matadornetwork.com

Location is what makes the whole street food tradition so enticing, with Bangkok’s adorned temples and simple food carts forming a symbiosis of culture and food. It makes the city a tourist hotspot- always providing entertainment for both the historical tourist and foodie.

And with this all inclusive Bangkok holiday package, the old and new, traditional and eclectic combine. We created the best foodie tour in Bangkok, staying on trend as more and more secret eating spots pop up in the most unexpected corners of Bangkok, so that this tour is the ultimate taste experience. Welcome to the City of Smiles and gastronomical adventures.

Day 1: Night time Temple and Taste Tour

Once your guide has picked you up, your journey and ultimate food trip begins with a choice:

Option A: A massage in a secret location -  the birthplace of traditional Thai Massage. Enjoy a two hour oil massage that will invigorate your body and sooth your mind- essentially preparing you for an evening of taste exploration. Thai massage is a unique spa experience because it combines pressure point massage with stretching and traditional massage techniques. This is the perfect choice for guests who had a long day, and just need an invigorating start to their foodie trip.

Option B: Start the evening off on a romantic foot, walking the much applauded  Mahanakhon Skywalk. This is a scenic option, and definitely the right choice if instagram-worthy spaces and amazing views are at the top of your priority list. As the city below you basks in the golden hour, you will see the sun melt below the horizon, and the city transform into a paradise of lights.

No photo description available.

Now your evening kicks off, and the Bangkok foodie trip officially begins! Your carriage awaits- Thai style! A tuk tuk will whisk you through the soi's and neighborhoods of grand Bangkok. Your first stop will be the most authentic Pad Thai restaurant-Thipsamai, which is the oldest Pad Thai Restaurant in the city. Pad Thai is a staple food in Bangkok, and a fan-favourite amongst our guests because of its sweet, yet subtle umami flavor. Thipsamai’s secret taste lies in their use of fresh ingredients prepared using the original Pad Thai recipe.

Next your tuk-tuk will take you for a spin through Bangkok's historic centre, sometimes known as Rattanakosin Island. Seeing historical sites such as the Grand Palace and Wat Pho by moonlight is a truly remarkable experience and sets the mood for the romantic riverfront-dinner. Another must-see attraction in Bangkok, is the mysterious Temple of the Dawn, which you will view while dining. Enjoy delectable Thai cuisine at a famous river restaurant, while drinking in the view of this magnificent temple, reflected in the mighty Chao Phraya River.

Your last stop for this jam-packed evening will be shopping at the world-famous river market, Asiatique. This upper class market is one of the most beautiful in Bangkok, boasting river-front restaurants and small boutiques selling hand-crafted goods. Newly renovated, it boasts murals with tables set up next to it-perfect for collecting snacks and desserts from different stalls and then enjoying it at a table of your choosing. Tummies full and hopefully your camera battery low, you can retire for the evening.

Day 2: Experiencing Bangkok’s Markets Culture

In order to truly get under the skin of Thai Culture, you have to embrace their "market-culture". It is an element so unique to Thailand that you cannot compare it to any other markets in the world.

After a comfortable ride in a private minibus, your first market-stop will be the culturally rich MaeKlong Railway Market. Created on a working railway line, this market shifts and moves as the trains come and go- stalls quickly being moved off and back on the track as the trains pass by. Raw and utterly authentic, this market is the ultimate display of Thai culture's resilience in the face of modernization. A trip to this market should form part of any well-put-together travel package, and we make sure you get the whole experience.

Maeklong Railway

Once your exploration of this historical market has been completed, your next stop will be the Amphawa Weekend-Floating Market, also known as the "Venice of Asia". Be brave and explore the unknown, sampling dishes you have never seen before. Let your curiosity take over and dive into the delights of Thai finger foods.

If your trip falls on a weekday, please do not fret! The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market will draw you in with its many interesting aromas and flavors. Next you will leave the bustle of the markets behind and travel to a fishing community located on Bangkok's only seashore, Bang Khun Thian. This area is known for quite a few special things, including mangroves, shrimp farms and cheeky macaque monkeys. However, it is best known for its fresh and local seafood. You will dine at one of the coastal restaurants, after which you will be returned to your hotel for an evening at leisure.

Floating Market

Day 3: A Trip Led by the Street Art of a Local Muslim Community

This area is one of the lesser known trails for exploration, yet its narrow streets, and delicious Halal food should put it at the top of any Bangkok tour package. It is filled with colorful street art which leads you into the heart of a welcoming muslim community. Follow these paintings and you will see the streets come to life, as they are often found near unique spots, such as the house of “Anna” from the classic movie “The King and I” and even a quirky milkshake and film bar. The pavements of these art-streets are packed with halal flavors- delicious samosas, curries and chicken dishes wait for your discovery and enjoyment.

Photo: https://bk.asia-city.com

It also boasts a few fun restaurants and coffee shops, including eclectic art-galleries and a popular coffee spot right above a local mechanic's garage. This might sound strange- but it has one of the most eclectic layouts and provides a view into daily, local life. If French is more your cup of tea, explore the tiny French village found near Assumption Suksa University.

This university has one of the most beautiful churches in the Silom neighborhood, and as you walk closer to the BTS, you might discover one of the best Gelato houses in Thailand.Honestly, this area has more to offer in the palm of its hand, than most cities from border to border. This food package truly has everything you need to satisfy your food and travel cravings.

To finish off your exploration, cross the Chao Phraya River at Pepsi Pier, and choose a river-view restaurant for dinner. There are many to choose from, so take your time moving up and down the river, before you choose a spot of your choice. Eat, be merry and enjoy the views of the river-life bathed in sunset glow.

After a day of exploring, photographing and eating, you will be transferred back to your hotel or on to Suvarnabhumi Airport where an airport representative will assist you during the fast track check in and have you settled in the VIP lounge.

Written for Bespoke Infinite Travel By Danette Nell Ehlers

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